Our Commitment

Compliance and Ethics


English term that has gained much momentum in recent years and is adopted as the concept of correctness and transparency in business, it is our guiding and our driving force.

The FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) inspired our anticorruption internal code. Our performance in different countries, with different laws and different cultures, makes us believe that having our compliance code is fundamental to guide and make it clear to all employees what we can do, what is expected of each of them and what we DEFINITELY do not accept, do not encourage and vehemently reject. This is our commitment to compliance and all employees of Biostart receive this code and they are trained, accept and commit to follow it once they join the company.

Just as we have a compliance code, we have an internal code of ethics, and a strong commitment to it.

Over and over again the cultural issue, different countries, different business, all of that influences how ethics can be observed and therefore we establish and follow a strict code of ethics.

Our values ​​are clearly stated to all who join Biostart, and them, along with all local laws of each country, the international rules, codes of conduct and ethics available as well as national and international legislation on pharmaceutical matters and on the promotion of pharmaceutical products. They form the basis of conduct and action of Biostart professionals.

Every employee of Biostart is encouraged to submit anonymously or not any doubts, questions or any suspicious acts to the company.

You are welcome to do the same. Please use the e-mail contact@biostartbio.com to send your comments to us.