Patient Care

Biostart develops its business from access to diagnosis up to treatment adherence monitoring, as well as in carrying out active pharmacovigilance.

To keep the patient in the proper treatment, Biostart provides guidance on the correct storage of the drug, the proper administration and all the details that will facilitate the treatment and the daily routine of the patient and the family.

All care provided to patients will be conducted through a signed informed consent, with the knowledge and validation of the physician responsible for the patient.


  • Dedicated Patient Services – your patients will have dedicated attention from trained professionals, focusing on their treatment compliance, aiming on the most important asset – their HEALTH
  • Patient Education and Orientation – since the explanation of the usage of the product, up to diets that may facilitate its absorption, including suggestions for the patients’ wellness, everything is developed by well-trained and licensed professionals
  • Active PVG – making sure that any problem can be anticipated and looking continuously for creative solutions. Constantly seeking and double checking for information about adverse events.
  • Adherence to treatment and medication inventory control program